AC Milan Fails to Defeat AEK Athens, Montella Position Threatened

AC Milan Fails to Defeat AEK Athens, Montella Position Threatened

AC Milan became the only Italian representative to reap bad results in matchday 3 Europa League group stage, on Friday morning (20/10/2017). Playing at home at San Siro, the Italian giants were only able to play 0-0 against Greece’s AEK Athens.

This unsatisfactory result continued the negative trend of AC Milan in recent matches. Previously they have lost three times in a row in Serie A.

The last time against Inter Milan in derby Della Madonnina, last weekend. On this bad result, the position of Vincenzo Montella as coach is now beginning to be threatened. The reason, before kick-off opponent AEK Athens, Sports Director of AC Milan, Massimiliano Mirabelli already hinted that his side has a limit of patience.

“We all have deadlines in life and in the profession, not just Montella who has time, we also have, including myself,” he said.

“We have given the young player coach he has to develop, the club owners have also helped us to do our job so time has limitations for everyone,” Mirabelli told Sky Sport Italia.

According to Mirabelli, this is the risk of every job. It can happen to great coaches and directors who do not achieve good results in the first year or the following year.

Spend Lots of Money

AC Milan have poured funds of 230 million euros to buy 11 new players in the transfer market last summer. With that massive revolution, club owners and managers hope the Rossoneri can regain success.

“Montella’s job to design a team game. We know this is not easy and not a positive moment for us right now. But, we also realize that we have a great squad with a lot of strong young players, “said Mirabelli.

Meanwhile, Montella regretted the attitude of AC Milan fans who taunted his players rather than providing support. In the game early this morning, there are only about 17,000 supporters who watch, but they can not stem the disappointment of the 0-0 result.

“It’s a complicated moment. If we win it would be different enthusiasm. The team has run the game, while the opponent plays to survive, and it becomes difficult as time goes on. I think the disappointment at the stadium was also felt by the team. That’s more because of three defeats in Serie A than the appearance itself, “said Montella.

Lost In Derby Della Madonnina, AC Milan Officials Still Support Montella

Lost In Derby Della Madonnina, AC Milan Officials Still Support Montella

AC Milan chief executive Marco Fassone gave his support to head coach Vincenzo Montella despite his side’s 3-2 defeat at Derby della Madonnina.

Internazionale striker Mauro Icardi scored three goals against AC Milan, which put Montella’s side into a painful defeat in the prestigious match.

A brilliant goal from long range by Suso and Samir Handanovic’s own goal makes Milan have a good chance to earn points in the game against Inter Milan. But the referee’s decision to award the Nerazzurri a penalty after Ricardo Rodriguez blocked Danilo D’Ambrosio, causing the Rossoneri to lose the game.

Despite a lot of funds transfered last summer, Milan have now lost four defeats and four wins from eight Serie A games so far this season and this week’s report says that former Lazio coach Vladimir Petkovic has an opportunity to replace Montella in AC Milan.

Even so, Fassone is very confident with his support for the 43-year-old coach when speaking to Milan TV after Sunday’s game.

“We will definitely join Vincenzo. When we reconstruct our club, we need to give time and means. Now we see the first positive sign. Montella really has time to continue working, “he said.

Fassone added: “The derby match is always a wonderful thing. This time the result is bad for us and they celebrate with their fans. In the next game, I’m sure the result will be fun for our fans. The second half seemed to be a completely different game and, with quality and attitude, we locked Inter up in their half field. ”

“Our current position is not an ideal position for Milan and we have to roll our sleeves but we get a good indication,” he concluded.

After Derby della Madonnina, Milan will host AEK Athens in the Europa League and are determined to break three consecutive defeats in Serie A against Genoa at the San Siro next week. (Source: Four Four Two, Milan TV)

“Without Mane, Liverpool Remain a Great Threat to United Man”

“Without Mane, Liverpool Remain a Great Threat to United Man”

Manchester United defender Gary Neville sent a warning to his former club ahead of the League’s big match against Liverpool on Saturday (14/10/2017)

For Neville, the game against Liverpool will always be the biggest party Man United has to go through.

Team beralias Red Devils are actually quite benefited with the injury of one of Liverpool’s flagship player, Sadio Mane.

Mane suffered a thigh muscle injury when defending the Senegal national team in the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers.

Even so, Neville felt that losing Mane would not really affect the game of the Reds.

“Mane offers something different for Liverpool, but they still have Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Philippe Coutinho who can pose a great threat,” Neville said as quoted by

“The presence of Salah can fill Mane who is absent, especially in terms of speed,” said Neville.

The former United captain then reminded Man United not to focus too much on the weakness of the opponent.

Mane’s absence clearly gives a psychological impact considering the important role of the player.

However, the presence of other players to make the absence of Mane is no longer a problem for Liverpool.

Varane Opens Retirement Opportunities With Real Madrid

Varane Opens Retirement Opportunities With Real Madrid

Raphael Varane did not rule out ending his career with Real Madrid. France international defender is ready to continue to defend Los Blancos until his energy is not needed anymore.

Varane last week has signed a new contract with Real Madrid. The new contract has kept Varane at Santiago Bernabeu until June 2022.

“It’s fair to say a lot of things have happened to me in the last few months,” Varane said, as reported by Tribal Football.

“There are dark moments that I passed, but in June 2016, we talked with the club about my future and they made a very interesting offer,” he explained.

The 24-year-old admitted he did not see anything negative to retire with Real Madrid. Varane is ready to give everything to the Spanish capital club.

“A player who only defends a club, not a negative thing, that’s what I had in mind when I signed a contract in 2014. Real Madrid is a big club, I will not limit myself,” he said.

Varane helped Los Blancos win the Champions League two years in a row. Previously, Varane had been linked with several major European clubs, such as Manchester United and Juventus.

Ancelotti Opens Opportunity Back to London

Ancelotti Opens Opportunity Back to London

After being deployed from Bayern Munich’s coaching chair as the German side lost 3-0 to PSG in the Champions League, Carlo Ancelotti said he wanted to keep a big club in the Premier League.

Where, make it clear could have re-train Chelsea and it is open because recently Antonio Conte also expressed readiness to leave the team. The reason was reported by the Italian man did not match the club management.

Even so, but Ancelotti has given the domestic league title and FA Cup for the Blues ensuring next season will return to the Premier League not in the near future.

“I want to manage, but not this season maybe next season either in the Premier League or another club,” Carlo Ancelotti told the media.

“The only thing I want to do is train.”

Reasons Klopp Pull Out Coutinho When Leicester City Opponents

Reasons Klopp Pull Out Coutinho When Leicester City Opponents

Liverpool managed to achieve victory with a score of 3-2 when they travel to Leicester City’s headquarters in the sixth game of the English Premier League on Saturday (23/09/2017).

Liverpool won through goals scored by Mohamed Salah (15th minute), Philippe Coutinho (23 ‘), and Jordan Henderson (68’).

Leicester can only reply twice via Shinji Okazaki (45 ‘) and Jamie Vardy (69’).

In the game, Coutinho who packed one goal and one assist did not play 90 minutes.

“In the last home game, I think Coutinho can play 90 minutes, but he cramped in the 80th minute, but that would not be a problem,” Klopp said as quoted from the official Liverpool website.

“We watched when Demarai Gray appeared, Leicester really has a wide-spread player, so for our wings, it’s very important to find they still have full energy,” said the German coach.

Therefore, Klopp then put James Milner, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Daniel Sturridge to add strength on the wings.

In addition to tactical problems, Klopp seems to want to rest Coutinho because Liverpool will travel to Russia in the middle of the week.

Liverpool will play Spartak Moscow in the Champions League group stage action on Wednesday (27/09/2017) early morning GMT.

Persib Vs Bali United, Kim Wants to Defeat Irfan Bachdim

Persib Vs Bali United, Kim Wants to Defeat Irfan Bachdim

Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan, determined to bring Persib Bandung won the duel against Bali United at Jalak Harupat, Soreang, Bandung, Thursday (21/09/2017). Kim did not hesitate to pick three points despite the skill Maung Bandung inhabited his brother-in-law, Irfan Bachdim.

Kim and Irfan relationship is not just a regular friend. Because, Kim is the younger brother of Jennifer Bachdim who became Irfan’s life companion. Both players blasetran it even ever strengthen the same team, namely Persema Malang.

However, outside the field Kim and Irfan remain professional. Moreover, the match will take place in front of the public itself. Kim claimed to want to give a win prize for bobotoh Persib. “I see you again, hopefully we (Persib) are winning not them (Bali United) because twice (last meeting) they won, hopefully we win now,” he said.

Although considered a big match, Kim claimed not burdened with this duel. He considered high tension serve as motivation in order to give the best in the game.

“If the pressure is not, we are more happy to be Bali’s opponent because there are so many friends there, so we are prestige too.I think Bali is not an ordinary team so there is more motivation and passion,” beber 27-year-old player.

“No, the pressure as usual I think without pressure is not good so I take that pressure in terms of positive and made the spirit to win because we also want to win,” he said.

Ancelotti denies leaving Bayern Munich in the near future

Ancelotti denies leaving Bayern Munich in the near future

Carlo Ancelotti dumped speculation around his future at Bayern Munich, saying he was very happy with the Bavarian giants Agen Sbobet Casino.

This week comes the report if the clause in Ancelotti’s contract allows Bayern to break ties with this Italian manager in his second season.

Ancelotti, who denied rumors of joining the Super League, led Die Roten to their fifth domestic title in a row, but in pre-season shuffling and a 2-0 defeat by Hoffenheim last week sparked rumors of dissatisfaction. However, the 58-year-old manager was not interested in leaving the Allianz Arena.

“I am very happy here and I want to stay for a long time,” Ancelotti told reporters quoted from (15/9).

“All I can say about my contract is that it will run until June 30, 2019. But I’m not thinking about the current contract. I just know it works well here. ”

After beating Anderlecht 3-0 in the Champions League on Wednesday (13/9) early morning, Bayern are ready to return to winning ways in the Bundesliga at home to Mainz on Saturday (16/9), or the first day of Oktoberfest.

The former Milan allenatore insists it will not be long before his team will silence the stories of those who are doubtful to them.

“We are not at the top of the standings now, but soon,” added Ancelotti.

“I do not need to answer all the critics, I know a lot of people who give advice and I promise to have a big party for these people at the end of the season with wine and good food,” he said. (Source:

Ancelotti: Anderlecht’s game will be easy

Ancelotti: Anderlecht’s game will be easy

Bayern Munich coach, Carlo Ancelotti, considers the game counter Anderlecht will run with ease.

Late Wednesday in the Champions League Group B phase competition, The Bavarian will face the Belgian giants on Wednesday early next morning.

Responding to the match, coach who had coached Chelsea and Real Madrid is confident Bayern will achieve the perfect victory.

But behind a sense of confidence, Ancelotti has hope of his upbringing children are able to play optimally.

Ancelotti said “Soon we will face the Champions League Group B round phase against Anderlecht.”

“We do not underestimate Anderlecht at all. They are a strong team. ‘

“But I feel sure the Anderlecht game will run easily.”

Juan Mata Sure Rashford Will Be Greater Again

Juan Mata Sure Rashford Will Be Greater Again

Manchester United player Juan Mata believes Marcus Rashford will be a great player again, in the next few years.

Rashford is a very young player, Mata as his team-mates are very tolerant to the player when he made a mistake, but he still felt confident with the pace of the performance of the British players.

“I am very supportive of Rashford’s career in order to achieve the best peak performance, I’ve predicted this from me first meet in practice session with him,” said Eyes.

“And it proved that at this time he could be a goal scorer for the Red Devils and also seklaigus for England, he is still young but can achieve,” he concluded.