Shakespeare Already Releases Riyad Mahrez

Shakespeare Already Releases Riyad Mahrez

Leicester City tactician, Craig Shakespeare recently revealed that he will not release Riyad Mahrez until the right offer comes to the club.

The reason, players from Algeria is being targeted by several clubs, including AS Roma. But the offer from Roma for 35 million euros has just been denied The Foxes.

And the director of Rome, Monchi said he would switch to another target if Leicester remained at their stance not to sell the winger.

Shakespeare says he wants to keep the best players possible and insists he will not let Mahrez leave unless their price demand is filled with interest clubs.

“The transfer window can be annoying if you let it,” he told a news conference ahead of the Premier League opener against Arsenal on Friday.

“We do not want to be a selling club. We want to be a buyer club, bringing players. ”

“That means I do not want to lose our best players. When you have good players, you must receive interest in your players. “

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