Hasselbaink Officially Became Manager of Northampton

Hasselbaink Officially Became Manager of Northampton

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was eventually selected as manager of Northampton Town to replace Justin Ediburgh who left in late August Agen Sbobet.

Where, Northampton club chairman, Kelvin Thomas, said if Hasselbank was chosen from two existing coach candidates.

“We originally wanted to talk to two target candidates for the manager and Hasselbaink became our top choice so we were very happy,” Thomas told local media.

According to Thomas, the Dutch manager is an inspiring figure, already has success, and is suitable for Northampton.

“He is an inspirational leader, has had this level of success before and we think he fits perfectly here,” concludes Thomas.

Hasselbaink himself had achieved success as a player with Chelsea in 2000 to 2004 ago and began to fall into the world coaching in 2013 ago.

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