AC Milan Fails to Defeat AEK Athens, Montella Position Threatened

AC Milan Fails to Defeat AEK Athens, Montella Position Threatened

AC Milan became the only Italian representative to reap bad results in matchday 3 Europa League group stage, on Friday morning (20/10/2017). Playing at home at San Siro, the Italian giants were only able to play 0-0 against Greece’s AEK Athens.

This unsatisfactory result continued the negative trend of AC Milan in recent matches. Previously they have lost three times in a row in Serie A.

The last time against Inter Milan in derby Della Madonnina, last weekend. On this bad result, the position of Vincenzo Montella as coach is now beginning to be threatened. The reason, before kick-off opponent AEK Athens, Sports Director of AC Milan, Massimiliano Mirabelli already hinted that his side has a limit of patience.

“We all have deadlines in life and in the profession, not just Montella who has time, we also have, including myself,” he said.

“We have given the young player coach he has to develop, the club owners have also helped us to do our job so time has limitations for everyone,” Mirabelli told Sky Sport Italia.

According to Mirabelli, this is the risk of every job. It can happen to great coaches and directors who do not achieve good results in the first year or the following year.

Spend Lots of Money

AC Milan have poured funds of 230 million euros to buy 11 new players in the transfer market last summer. With that massive revolution, club owners and managers hope the Rossoneri can regain success.

“Montella’s job to design a team game. We know this is not easy and not a positive moment for us right now. But, we also realize that we have a great squad with a lot of strong young players, “said Mirabelli.

Meanwhile, Montella regretted the attitude of AC Milan fans who taunted his players rather than providing support. In the game early this morning, there are only about 17,000 supporters who watch, but they can not stem the disappointment of the 0-0 result.

“It’s a complicated moment. If we win it would be different enthusiasm. The team has run the game, while the opponent plays to survive, and it becomes difficult as time goes on. I think the disappointment at the stadium was also felt by the team. That’s more because of three defeats in Serie A than the appearance itself, “said Montella.

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